Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My Life As It Stands Right This Minute

Welcome to everyone to my new blog! Dreamers and Daisies. I'm so happy and grateful you have popped over and took time out from your busy day to read what I have to say and share a small piece of your day with me. :)

I suppose I should maybe introduce myself a little bit. My name is Courtney Haack and I am mamma to Zachy (6) and Maddy, or as I will often refer to her as Tootie (3) and fiance to Brandon.
You will often see me write about Zachy and his meltdowns or his quirky behaviours as he has ASD. It often makes for great story telling. And Maddy, well Maddy is just a clumsy little daydreamer.
Both my little lovelies inherited this ability to block out the world and slip into daydreams from yours truly.
People will often be like "Courtney are you listening?" and often times I'm not. hahaha. But I dont do it to be rude, I've just slipped into a daydream.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it. :)

Have a gorgeous day!

--> How great is this rain we are having in Gympie! <--